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Posted by Renee Peggs on Nov 8, 2019 11:40:37 AM

If you're considering digital transformation (DX) for your factory or manufacturing enterprise, or if you've already taken the first steps, you're probably aware of the the cost involved in upgrading your legacy equipment toward SMART technology initiatives. 

Capital improvement can seem like a huge risk. How do you decide between solutions? What if you pick the wrong one? How will DX affect your customers during the transition? What if there's a recession? Will the investment be worth it?

As manufacturing becomes more complex, with higher stakes and greater demands, what can you do to stay competitive and drive a profit?

SYSCON PlantStar's manufacturing execution system solutions provide data validation in areas where you can tighten the slack by introducing effective supply chain management. Our systems connect to everything in your plant and you get the data you need to make decisions that optimize all your supply chain activities. From materials usage and tracking to reduction of machine down-time, from efficiency of employees by shift and by job to optimized work order scheduling, from predictive machine and tool MRO (maintenance, repair, overhaul) to real-time visibility into product quality, you get all the data from PlantStar.

The result is capital gains! The value of our solutions is in saving you money by helping you identify and eliminate inefficiencies. With PlantStar, you grow!

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What we have found is that most of our customers do not have data that is accurate or relevant, and they are making decisions largely based on assumptions. And YOU know what that means!!!!

If your facility is not connected, if you're not gathering data in real time, if you're relying on manual collection of data at shift-end, then we can pretty much guarantee that you're leaving money on the shop floor. Unless you're getting all the data, all the time, and getting it in a way that lets you quickly analyze, understand, pivot, and optimize, there are things going on that you don't know about, that you need to address.

PlantStar MES gives manufacturers insight into hidden inefficiencies

Think of PlantStar MES solutions like a bright airy window into the dark, dusty corners of your operation. In order to clear out the cobwebs, you first need to know where to look, and then have the right tools to reach in. You need clarity and insight.

YOU NEED DATA. NOW. PlantStar MES is the window into your inefficieincies

Since 1976, SYSCON PlantStar has been providing manufacturers just like you with the smart connections to gather the right data and present it in ways that help you make the end-to-end decisions that allow you to achieve operational efficiency.

Don't stay stuck in the dark!

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