How to use factory data to improve profitability

Posted by David Crowley on Sep 3, 2019 1:47:00 PM
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Industrial manufacturers must create parts at a fast pace and with high precision quality in order to keep up with increased customer demand. The global economy will drive customers to seek out and contract with manufacturing entities which can provide data-driven proof of their efficiency and ability to deliver quality.

How can factories get the data they need?

PlantStar 4.0 is a real-time manufacturing execution system (MES) solution that captures machine cycles, signals from automation, and input from operators. The system’s power is presenting Big Data in easy to read dashboards:

  • Good Parts per Minute
  • Uptime per Machine
  • Part Rejection per Shift
  • Time a Machine Spent in Status

If your operation depends on high quality tolerances and fast cycle rate, you need a solution that provides visibility at the blinding speed of manufacturing — now. Not when shifts end.

Imagine the value of instant feedback from the shop floor. The SYSCON PlantStar Data Collection Module (DCM) detects when a machine is down, when a part is rejected, and when a process is out of control. By connecting digital, analog, and serial inputs, the system reveals opportunities to improve throughput. Subsequently, the DCM can send digital outputs to remove bad parts from a conveyor and automatically tally part rejection rates.

Our DCMs are capable of gathering all the data from any equipment, legacy or the latest technology: automation and robots, material handling systems, heat transfer units… you name it, we can collect data from it while automatically calculating the impact on productivity.


SYSCON PlantStar DCM capability


What's the benefit of data?

Once you determine the cycle standard, PlantStar monitors the speed of your equipment and triggers alerts at the first sign of inefficiency—not hours after the fact.

Machine-to-machine communication is critical in measuring factory performance but consider also the cost of error due to operator input. SYSCON PlantStar’s digital transformation solutions include easy-to-use interfaces for operators to report issues or events like a machine down due to mechanical problems or a part that fails visual inspection. If they need help, operators can simply send an alert and get the support they need instead of losing valuable time seeking out the appropriate supervisor.

With production information at their fingertips, operators are equipped to keep their machines running to standard and to report problems as soon as they arise.

The bottom line is, we are making a difference to YOUR bottom line.

Evco Plastics utilizes PlantStar to monitor performance in eight factories around the world. Read their case study to learn more.

For more details, schedule a free demonstration of our Plant Star 4.0 MES software.

Be safer. Save time.
Save money.

That's making a difference.

SYSCON PlantStar specializes in digital transformation and innovation solutions for manufacturers just like you.

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