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Posted by David Crowley on Nov 4, 2019 11:00:00 AM
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SYSCON PlantStar manufacturing execution system solutions

A manufacturing execution system (MES) connects machines, materials, and people with sensors and powerful software to provide Big Data on all your shop floor variables. Using these connections, an MES organizes and analyzes every piece of data in real-time so you can so you can make proactive and predictive decisions that result in significant improvement to your bottom line. 

A great system like PlantStar 4.0 uses the latest technology to integrate with business systems like ERP and QMS for easy, bi-directional REAL TIME data flow that allows you to pinpoint and eliminate problems by monitoring your manufacturing cycle efficiency.

EVCO Plastics shared a compelling article on their success with PlantStar MES.

Managing nine plants in the U.S., Mexico, and China with more than 1,400 employees and 183 injection machines from under 100 tons to 3,500 tons, and serving business segments as varied as medical clean-room molding, thin-wall packaging, and large parts for automotive, agricultural equipment, and appliances—all that might seem more than enough to keep one company busy. Not at EVCO Plastics. Based in DeForest, Wisc., the custom molder and contract manufacturer is pushing ahead to adopt a handful of new or enhanced technologies to expand its services and capabilities.

CEO Dale Evans explains that for the past 20 years, EVCO’s eight North American plants have employed a PlantStar System for production monitoring. “I can see the cycle time of machines in Georgia or Mexico, and real-time scheduling tells us when jobs will be done and helps us schedule people, materials, and equipment.” The company also uses the PlantStar System for monitoring sensors on factory floor systems such as central chillers, air compressors, and power usage.

Today, EVCO is pursuing real-time process monitoring on its injection presses. The software gathers and analyzes data from monitor sensors for cavity pressure and other parameters on every shot to make accept/reject decisions. The PlantStar system archives 10 process variables from presses of different brands and model years. The system also monitors auxiliary equipment such as dryer temperatures, and water flow and pressure from TCUs.

Machine status photo 2

PlantStar 4.0 Machine Status Viewer gives real-time insight into all machines across your entire facility. This machine status board is placed on large screens inside of plants all across the world. This is one of the many benefits PlantStar 4.0 provides its customers.

Why are customers utilizing PlantStar 4.0?

  • Increase efficiency 30% 
  • ROI within six months
  • Reduce labor
  • Email, Text, and Voice alerts
  • Effectively schedule your jobs, materials, tool changes, and maintenance
  • Defect collection tracking
  • Integration to ERP/MRP systems


    Find out for yourself why PlantStar has been specializing in production monitoring while saving their customers time and money for 50 years!



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