Optimize maintenance scheduling and up-time with MES

Posted by Renee Peggs on Oct 11, 2019 11:22:00 AM


PlantStar 4.0 optimized manufacturing maintenance and repair


In a recent blog post, we mentioned that our PlantStar 4.0 manufacturing execution system solutions easily integrate with total productive maintenance (TPM) applications to help manufacturers overcome obstacles through innovation strategies.

Let's dive into that a little more deeply.

The success of your manufacturing operations likely depends on the availability of your production equipment. Perhaps you have a schedule for MRO (maintenance, repair, overhaul) but sometimes you're working on a machine that is running fine just because it's scheduled for its periodic check-up.

That's not a good use of your resources.

Or maybe you only address maintenance scheduling after an equipment malfunction or failure.

PlantStar 4.0 optimizes maintenance and repoair for manufacturers

That's an even worse use of your resources!

How do you really know when your machines require service?

How can you optimize up-time and squeeze maximum life out of your assets?

PlantStar 4.0 MES

We'll explain more in a minute.

This is a test.

First, see if you can calculate the average cost of down-time in your manufacturing facility for the last 12 months. Could you take a guess about your revenue loss?

Exactly how many of your machines failed last year?

How many otherwise productive hours did you lose from those failures?

What's your billable machine rate?

Got the answer? (Hint: multiply all that together.)

Are ya happy with it?!

PlantStar 4.0 helps you save money by reducing machine failures!

Our guess is, you fall into one of two camps--either it took you so long to chase down the data to answer the questions that you gave up, or, you're very persistent but the data you dug up resulted in a figure that wasn't really the high point of your day.

Truly, we hope we're wrong on both counts. (If so, let us know in the comments! We love success stories!)

But if we're approximating your reality, take some comfort that you are not alone.

Most manufacturing operations that have not yet ventured down the road of digital transformation will find questions like these difficult to answer, or at least unpleasant in the answering.

Here's some examples of how SYSCON PlantStar can help.

Success Story #1

One of our customers, a manufacturer of PET bottles, experienced frequent and extensive down-time on their machinery due to lime build-up in the water systems. They had catastrophic expenses from molds and tools that sustained major damage and required excessive repair.

Implementation of PlantStar gave our customer advance insight through sensors that monitored temperature readings in real time. If temperatures exceeded customer-defined parameters (indicating lime build-up), our software triggered alerts to notify the appropriate personnel before cycle time or product quality was impacted.

The customer saw dramatic reduction in unexpected down-time which in turn drove their profit margin. #winning

Success Story #2

Another customer, a competitor of Rubbermaid's housewares division, needed a proactive solution to frequent failure of check rings in their injection molding equipment. Inconsistencies of pressure were causing back flow into the nozzles, resulting not only in extended down-time but also massive expenses related to machine and tool damage.

We installed transducers in their machines, which provided the customer with data validation that allowed them to regulate pressure, reduce instances of back flow, prevent unnecessary wear and tear, and initiate proactive maintenance/replacement of check rings and machinery. Real-time data led to predictive analysis and production savings. #makingadifference

If equipment and machine failures are keeping you from getting ahead with your business, we can help. Get in touch with us today to see how PlantStar 4.0 is making a difference for people in manufacturing with digital transformation solutions.



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