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Posted by David Crowley on Nov 1, 2019 2:51:04 PM
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Where is your company on the roadmap toward sustainable relevance in the manufacturing space?

Digital Strategies Maturing

According to this graph from Smart Industry's 2019 State of the Initiative Report on digital transformation (DX), fewer than 5% of global manufacturers have yet to begin considering a DX strategy for their operations. If you're part of the 4.8%, read on to find out what you should be thinking about. 

The fourth industrial revolution is upon us and while its impact is still unfolding, one thing is clear: any manufacturing company's ability to survive and thrive will be determined by the degree to which that company manages to achieve agility in manufacturing processes.

The linchpin is digital strategy. Capacity not just for data capture but for data analysis will continue to separate one manufacturer from another in the global race to provide the best product to the widest market in the shortest time possible.

You can't afford inefficiencies

Velocity is the new game, but not at the expense of quality. How do you get both?

Manufacturers realize that IoT will be among the technologies that will have the greatest impact on their businesses within the next five years.

At SYSCON PlantStar, our solutions accelerate delivery of product to job spec while ensuring safety and compliance. The value of our manufacturing execution system (MES) software is in empowering our customers to Connect, Manage, Validate, and Optimize every piece of equipment, every material, every operation, and every process in your facility. These four transformation innovations give YOU more up-time, more product out the door, and more revenue for your business.

THAT's making a difference.

Consider the following graphics from a recent Smart Factory Study by Deloitte and MAPI.

Deloitte MAPI Smart Factory study

Change is scary and there's always a risk factor when you're considering capital investment in digital technologies.

Deloitte MAPI Smart Factory study

But don't lose sight of the fact that all of your competitors are facing the same threats! And those who are choosing to accept the risk of innovation are seeing dividends as they improve their efficiency and time to market.

You can, too.

Check out this video for how PlantStar 4.0 MES makes a difference from your shop floor to your top floor. And stay tuned here for our series of posts on each of the four transformation innovations that our MES leverages to deliver end-to-end cost savings for our customers.

Contact us today for a detailed analysis of implementation in your factory!

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Be safer. Save time.
Save money.

That's making a difference.

SYSCON PlantStar specializes in digital transformation and innovation solutions for manufacturers just like you.

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